We can offer a fixed solu­tion with the high­est qual­i­ty den­tal implants. 

Den­tal Implants are an excel­lent advance­ment in mod­ern den­tistry. In most sit­u­a­tions they are the best replace­ment for miss­ing teeth. With care­ful plan­ning and treat­ment den­tal implants can rebuild your smile with reli­able, com­fort­able, long last­ing tooth replacements.

Replace­ments that bite and chew just like real teeth, look and feel fresh and nat­ur­al. Done well they have a very favourable long term suc­cess rate and can help sup­port your oth­er teeth with­out tak­ing any­thing away from them.

In many cas­es den­tal Implant treat­ment is straight­for­ward and car­ried out under local anaes­thet­ic like oth­er den­tistry is. Patients will often say they were sur­prised at how easy their treat­ment was, and how their new den­tal implant feels like a real tooth after just a short while. Den­tal implant treat­ment usu­al­ly takes months to com­plete. This long treat­ment time allows for the sup­port­ing bone and gums to grow and remod­el to the new Implants. This also helps afford­abil­i­ty as pay­ments for the work are spread over the treat­ment time.

Some peo­ple aren’t good can­di­dates for Den­tal Implants, a gen­er­al health mat­ter or insuf­fi­cient jaw bone may make oth­er den­tal treat­ments bet­ter choic­es for your mouth.

If you are in the posi­tion of know­ing a tooth or teeth will be lost soon we can help plan your tran­si­tion to implants and some­times even place your implant at the time of the tooth extrac­tion. These implants are called Imme­di­ate implants.

Ser­vices we offer

  • Den­tal implant to replace a sin­gle tooth
  • Den­tal implants to replace mul­ti­ple teeth
  • Replace your den­ture with implant sup­port­ed teeth
  • Secure your den­ture with implants
  • Sav­ing jaw bone at the time of extrac­tion for (maybe) implants later
  • Atrau­mat­ic tooth removal to pre­serve the socket.

Sock­et Preservation

When a tooth is removed, the jaw bone shrinks as it heals.

If the sock­et is filled with a bone graft­ing mate­r­i­al at the time of the extrac­tion it can save the bone for later.

This can be use­ful if you are con­sid­er­ing an implant to replace your tooth- but just not yet.

There is good sci­en­tif­ic evi­dence in favour of this tech­nique, how­ev­er the results can vary.

Tooth removal

Tooth replace­ment solutions

  • Den­tal implants
  • Bond­ed bridges
  • Tra­di­tion­al bridges
  • Den­tures
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Gen­er­al Dentistry

  • Rou­tine check ‑ups
  • Pre­ven­tive dentistry
  • Restora­tive dentistry

Cos­met­ic dentistry

  • Den­tal bleaching
  • Smile makeovers
  • Tooth wear
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Sec­ond Opinions

  • Implant Den­tistry
  • Cos­met­ic Dentistry
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